Thursday, November 11, 2010

I decided that I am quite a talented writer. Even my sister Liz might think so. So in order to share that talent with the world, I decided I am going to start posting on my blog. Comments are greatly appreciated, as well as letting your families and friends know how amazing I am. For all you LeBron haters out there, just know that I am a huge fan of LeBron, and although I thought 'The Decision' was absolutely disgusting, I will always be a fan of his until he does something utterly terrible. So yes, I am a fan of the Miami Heat, but just to clear things up, when the Heat play against the Jazz, I will always root for the Jazz. But 'Bron better watch out, 'cause Paul Millsap is pretty close to being the best player in the Association. Please start reading my blog, I promise I will post as much as I can.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Lebron is wrong

Lebron James says he is going to switch his uniform number from number 23 to number 6 because he believes 23 should be retired league-wide in honor of Michael Jordan. James claims that without Michael Jordan there wouldn't be a Lebron James, Kobe Bryant, or Dwayne Wade. Although few will dispute the claim that Jordan was the best basketball player ever, I don't think the NBA should do what James suggests. What about Magic and Larry? Or Wilt and Bill? Sure, Michael brought the NBA to prominence, but what about the guys that got the league on TV? The biggest honor you can give to a former player is to wear his or her number because they have inspired you, not hanging a giant jersey in the rafters of some basketball arena to get dusty and forgotten. Lebron may be very mature for his age, but this is one thing he is wrong about.

Saturday, October 10, 2009


So I have a problem with the Utah High School Activities Association. I don't want to blame them for my poor performance in the state golf tournament, but why would they choose to hold the tournament in Pleasant View (near Ogden) when it starts getting cold in October? At the course in the morning it was snowing before things got started. It made for a wet course and it was tough to hit the ball well in the cold weather. It seems to me there must have been a better location for a state tournament than The Barn. The course wasn't in very good shape to begin with. And it is very much out of the way for all 2A teams. The closest were the private schools in Salt Lake and that is nearly an hour away. And why have it on Monday-Tuesday? The timing doesn't really promote low scores for most players because most had their last practice the Saturday before. I think they should have held the tournament at a more central course in a warmer place and waited until the weekend. I know they can't have 2A-5A all on the same day, but why not spread them out through Wednesday-Saturday? It seems like they could make some changes that would promote lower scores and more competition for those players who are headed for college scholarships.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

World of College Football Rankings

So one thing that really really bothers me when I watch sports news programs is how much importance the analysts place upon rankings. Who cares which team a bunch of people we don't even know think is the best team in the country? What makes a team the #1 team after 3 or 4 games? What I really wanna know is what qualifies people to vote in the polls. Rankings mean absolutely nothing! The only time it matters is at the very END of the season when every team has completed their schedule. THEN we can decide which team had the best season in terms of overall record and strength of schedule (only works at the end when we know who beat who). The top 25 is kind of like a popularity contest. One team will be popular one week, then another will catch the voters' eye the next. While I'm on the topic of popularity, look at Florida State. They beat BYU by 30 points and all the sudden they go from unranked to 18th I think it was. Then, the very next week, they lose to a South Florida team no one expected to do much. Now all the sudden South Florida is the darkhorse BCS Buster. It's absolutely ridiculous! Speaking of BYU, what happened to them? Weren't they supposed to be like a night in shining armor coming to knock the BCS off it's high horse? It's as if Utah hasn't proved anything the TWO times they have broke into the monopoly that is the Bowl Championship Series. For those of you who don't know, I am a big Utes fan. I'll wait for another post to discuss the BCS, but will somebody give props to my Utes?????? When it happened, BYU's win over the Sam Bradford-less Oklahoma Sooners seemed like the biggest win any non-BCS team ever had! What about Utah obliterating Alabama in the Sugar Bowl? Or Boise State's come-from-behind victory over huge favorite Oklahoma in the Fiesta Bowl a few years ago? Hadn't those two teams (Alabama and Oklahoma) proven throughout the course of the season that they were good teams? Oklahoma hadn't proved anything! It was the first game of the season and no one really knew what to expect. The Sooners still haven't proven much. But now it doesn't matter because the good ol' Cougs lost to a mid-level ACC team. ACC!!!! Hahahaha! What a powerhouse conference huh? Geez I could go on and on....but it's time to stop. You'll hear from me later. Peace Out.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Welcome to Daniel's Blog

Well, I finally gave in. I never thought I, of all people, would have a blog. But here it is. For all the world to read. My blog, however, will be dedicated to sports, and sports only. Whether it be professional, college, or even high school sports, I'll have something to say about it. I hope I can get people to read and get people interested in what I have to say. Please tell your friends!